Every student that participates in a recognized extra-curricular activity will be required to pay an “Activity Fee”.  This one-time annual fee will range from $50/student or $100 for families with 3 or more children.  The fee will be paid after tryouts, but before the first official competition or presentation of the first activity of the school year for the student.  This payment can be made in the main office with cash or check.  Checks should be made payable to Redbank Valley School District (RVSD).

Under no circumstances does the payment of this fee guarantee participation or playing time.

Season Passes    
  Student Free Admission
  Single $50.00
  Family $100.00
  Senior (62+) $50.00 (Lifetime Pass)
Varsity Gate Fees    
  Adults $5.00
  Students Free Admission
JH/JV Gate Fees    
  Adults $3.00
  Students Free Admission