Redbank Valley Curriculum

As soon as the curriculum was written and aligned to the PA Standards in 2002, the teachers in the Redbank Valley School District began creating curriculum maps. The maps are a representation of the content and/or skills that are covered in each course over a period of one school year. It is a calendar-based (monthly) "map" of what will be taught in all subject areas, at each grade level, at generally consistent times in each school year. Similar to a road map, a curriculum map shows where students are, where they've been, and where they are going in each course throughout the district.

The purpose of curriculum mapping is to:

  • Communicate with teachers, students, and parents the content that is being covered in the classroom.
  • Increase student achievement.
  • Curriculum analysis & decision making
  • Align curriculum and assessment to state standards.
  • Identify gaps and redundancies in instruction.
  • Implement an effective way to share curriculum information.
  • Improve communication and consistency from one teacher to the next, both within and between grade levels.
  • K-12 perspective- provides the big picture of the district to all stakeholders.

All maps represent a work in progress. They are not permanent and are continuously reviewed and revised as needed in an effort to refine and improve the curriculum throughout the district.

For teachers and administrators, curriculum maps are a useful tool. As data on student achievement is analyzed, curriculum maps have already pinpointed areas of weakness and have been adjusted according to our needs. For example, recent PSSA's indicated weak performance in certain math skills. When reviewing the map, it was evident that those skills were taught after the test administration. The map was revised to realign those skills are now they are taught prior to taking the test.

Curriculum maps will also be a useful tool for parents. Our maps will allow parents to see a brief glance at what their child will be taught in each course.

Redbank Valley School District used and adapted the work of Dr. Heidi Hayes Jacobs to guide the curriculum mapping process. Her book, Mapping the Big Picture: Integrating Curriculum and Assessment K12 (1997) provides an overview of the process.

The district's curriculum maps are available for public use. You may access them by selecting one of the links below.

If you have any questions regarding the curriculum, please contact Mrs. McCauley, Director of Education at 814-275-2424 or

Industrial Technologies
Agricultural Science
Ag Engineering & Environmental Resource Mgmt A
Ag Engineering & Environmental Resource Mgmt B
Exploratory Industrial Technology
Horticulture Science
Horticulture Science I
Horticulture Science II
Landscape Design
Electronics & House Wiring
Machine Shop
Woodworking I/Manufacturing
Woodworking II
Design & Technology Gr 8
Drawing & Design
Mechanical Drafting
Architectural Drafting
Language Arts
English 7
English 8
Reading 7
Reading 8
Academic & Applied English 9
Academic & Applied English 10
Academic, Applied, Honors English 11
Academic, Applied, Honors English 12
Journalism I, II, III
Social Studies
History/Geography 7
PA History 8
US History 9
US History 10
World Cultures 11
Government 12
Economics 12
Science 7
Science 8
Applied Physical Science 9
Academic Physical Science 9
Applied Science 11-12
Applied Biology 10
Academic Biology I
Academic Chemistry I
Academic Biology II
Academic Chemistry II
Applied & Academic Physics I
Academic Physics II
Academic Physiology/Anatomy
Math-Grade 7 Course 2
Math-Grade 8 Course 3
Applied Math 12
Academic Algebra I 8
Algebra I A
Pre Algebra 9-12
Academic Algebra I
Academic Algebra II
Academic Geometry
Trigonometry/ Pre-Calculus
Algebra I B
Probability & Statistics
Problem Solving
World Languages
French I
French II
French III
French IV
Spanish I
Spanish II
Spanish III
Spanish IV
Art 7, Art 8
Art I, II, III, IV
Music 7, Jr. High Chorus, Sr. High Chorus, Select Choir
Junior High Band
Music Technology I
Senior High Band
Percussion Ensemble
Business Education
Computer Literacy and Applications
Business Technologies
Microsoft Office
Computer Project Management
Website Design
Computer Programming
Simulated Office Experience
Advanced Website Design
Desktop Publishing/Yearbook Management
Family & Consumer Sciences
Child Development
Family & Consumer Science 7
Foods & You
Methods of Cookery
Life Management 12
Driver Education
Driver Theory
Health 8
Health 11
Physical Education
Co-ed Physical Education 7-8
Co-ed Physical Education 9-12


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